May 26-30 : JUMBO Swiss : (All in One weekend) (2023)

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Make sure to read all the trip details carefully and also consult our elaborate FAQ section on our website before contacting Team See-EU. By doing so, you can avoid writing or calling us as well as limit the amount of mails in our mailbox plus raise our reply time for those questions which cannot be found onour website.

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Price(Per person above the age of6 years on the day of boarding.When you select the age of the participant, Mt. Titlis return ticket price is also added in the total payable amount automatically.See ‘Important Notes’ below for details.)

BELGIUM: 300 Euro(before deadline), 330 Euro (after deadline)

LUXEMBOURG: 290 Euro(before deadline), 320 Euro (after deadline)

DEADLINE: 25 May. Seats are allotted in the order ofpayments received and theymaygetfully booked before the deadline. So don’t wait until the last moment to confirm your place in the trip.


  1. Return journeytoSwitzerland from various pick-up points in Belgium & Luxembourg.
  2. Travel withourluxury coachwhich isnot onlycosy & comfortable to travel with but also caters to theneeds of ourguests from India. Each See-EU bus is equipped with reclining seats,WC, DVD player, Corona Spotlight Air-Conditioning system, First-aid box etc.
  3. Itineraryof the whole trip carefullyplanned forour Indian travellers. (See ‘Important Details’ below)
  4. Supervision & useful tips throughout the whole trip by your friendly& experiencedSee-EU Tour Manager/s who can fluently communicate in English and at least 2 languages from India.
  5. Journey to various locations in Switzerlandunder the safe hands of ourprofessional drivers who speak English and have profound experience of drivingfor Indian diaspora.
  6. Two nights stay inseparate triple rooms in Ibis Budget hotelinSwitzerlandwith attached toilet, bathroom, WiFi etc (See ‘Important Details’ below if you want aseparate room only for yourself or your family)
  7. Acomplementary cake and juice.
  8. Free See-EU brochurewith detailed itinerarysent to all guests a few days in advance of the trip.
  9. Visit to the Indian movie locations in Interlaken & a video collage various Indian songs/scenes shot at those locationsplayed on board.
  10. Return journey by train from Interlaken to Lake Breinz.
  11. Detailedactivity brochures of Mount Titliswithpractical tips by See-EU TM/s.
  12. Somediscount coupon/s of our partner/sdistributed during the trip.
  13. Aninformativevideo about Switzerland to enhance your trueSwiss experienceplayed on board.
  14. Indian movies with English subtitlesplayed on board.

Friday 26 May 2023
– 9:00 PM fromGent
– 9:45 PM fromAntwerp
– 10:10 PM fromMechelen
– 10:45 PM fromBrussels
– 11:25 PM fromLeuven
– 01:45 AM fromLuxembourg(Saturday 27 May)

*Our exact pick-up points for each location above are explained in the FAQ section on our website. The timings mentioned abovemay be slightly altered depending on the participants joining from each pick-up location. Final timings shall be intimated to the registered participants in advance via email.Participants from Gent & Leuven may choose Brussels from the drop down menu while booking and type Gent or Leuven in the NOTES box of our booking form. Please note that if there are less than 4 participants from Leuven, you may be asked to board from Brussels.


  1. Check always your Spam as well as other folders to find our emails, especially Gmail users.
  2. This trip is organized only when we have a long weekend holiday. Note that there is official holiday on 29 May.
  3. Switzerland is a part ofSchengen Territoryso any lawful resident of any Schengen country can travelto Switzerland.
  4. We are providing you all separate rooms with 3 persons (above the age of 3 years) each room in a cozy Ibis Budget hotel in the beautiful Swiss city of Fribourg without any extra charges. All the rooms shall have private bathroom, toilet, free wi-fi, flat-screen TV etc. Children kot or extra mattress may be provided on your prior request. If you need separate room for yourself or only for your family, you MUST choose one seat with separate room option and the remaining seats in your group as shared room. This would add another 60€ in the total as one time separate room charges. Note that we have a limited number of separate rooms only and are given on first come, first serve basis only. If you need more information on how to book a separate room, pleasecheck our FAQ section. Note also that children below 3 years of age pay half price for the seat in the bus only and are not entitled to a separate bed in the hotel. As per European laws, we are obliged to provide a separate seat to everyone including a one day old toddler. Please consider the age of the child on the day of departure of this trip, not on the day of placing your booking order with us and book their seat accordingly.In order to avoidany discussions with the Mt. Titlis staff members,our TM may controlthe official ID of children in advance.
  5. Tentative return timings on Tuesday morning– Luxembourg 2:30– Leuven 5:00– Brussels 5:30– Mechelen 5:55– Antwerp 6:15– Gent 7:00 AM


    1. ALONG WEEKEND in Switzerland giving you a golden chance of a complete visit to the paradise on earth. Afull-fledgedfeeling of Switzerland in one weekend when youvisitboth the Green Natural Switzerland as well as White Snowy Switzerland andadd toyourtrip the magnificent Rhine Falls and visit to the world famous Swiss cities of Lucerne and Interlaken. Visit to perfect natural temptationslike waterfalls, lakes, mountains, snow and so on…
    2. On Saturday, we start our visit with the stunning views of the Rhine Falls – Europe’s largest waterfalls. Note that you shall be charged 4 € per adult (half price for children between 6-16years age, children below 6 years shall not be charged anything) that you can pay to the Tour Manager. After our visit to Rhine Falls, we would go with our own bus to the city of Lucerne which has the popular Chapel Bridge and the beautiful Lake in Lucerne to enjoy this storybook image of a Swiss town and proceed to our hotel in Fribourg where you may have a leisurely break.
    3. On Sunday, we start our visitwiththe breathtaking journey plannedfrom morning till noon with a vintage funicular first. And thenwe take the latest Swiss Wonder calledCabriO: the world’s first and only open air double-deck cable car. Thisconvertible-style cable car takes us to theMount Stanserhorn which is also known as the Five Star Mountain. This journey from Stans to the Mount Stanserhorn in itself will be a memorable experience but at that mountain you have a lot of possibilities to spend some good time in Alps, few of which are mentioned below.
      • Revolving Restaurant Rondorama: Take a break at this elegant revolving restaurant.The panorama of the Alps revolves in 43 minutes around you. The construction of steal and wood allows a splendid view of the Alps.
      • Hiking Trails:Mount Stanserhorn is the perfect mountain for hiking at all levels. You may go fora 30 minute or loner walk around the peak, it offers everyone the possibility to pick the appropriate hike. Beautiful views overthe Swiss Alps as far as France & Germanycan be enjoyed during the hike.
      • Marmots – the typical Swiss animals: Young and old enjoy watching the chirpy animals. On your next visit, go visit the enclosure and let the marmots delight you. You may find them on the way up to the summit.

      The ticket price of CabriO return journey from Stans is 52 euro per person when booked for a group by us, otherwise it is around 74 euro. Children below 6 years may join for free. Price for children between 6-16 years age is 26 euro. (This amount is not included in our charges and you can pay it to the Tour Manager during the trip itself). In the afternoon, we would visit the beautiful town of Interlaken & Indian Movie Spots there. Thereafter we take a local train to visit a beautiful village on the banks of Lake Breinz near Interlaken (also included in our price).

    4. On Monday, we go to Engelberg with our own bus totake the cable car for Mount Titlis where we can have fun at snowy peaks all year long. There are twocable cars that we would need to take to reach the peak of Mount Titlis. One of them is therotating cable car called Rotair. At Titlis, there are many activities, attractions, restaurants etc that we can enjoy the whole day. The charges of the cable cars are 78 euro per person when booked for agroup by us, otherwise it is around 90 euro (depending on the exchange rate of Swiss Francs and commission of the bank). Children below 6 years may join for Titlis for free. Price for children between 6-16 years age is 39 euro.The return ticket chargesof Mount Titlis are automaticallyadded in the total price when you are booking with us and we buy your tickets in advance to availgroup discount for all. No separate payment is required.

You must read carefully & agree to follow ourbefore booking any trip with us.

Guests joining See-EU trips for the first time must also readourBUS REGULATIONS

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Additional Information

Boarding Point

Mechelen, Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg


Below 3 Years, Above 3 Years

Age for Mt. Titlis Return Ticket

Below 6 years, 6-16 Years, Above 16 Years

Room Type

Shared, Separate

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