Jordon Campbell, LPC (Therapist & Director of Cultural Diversity) (2023)

Jordon Campbell (she/her/hers) currently holds the position of the Director of Cultural Diversity and is a senior therapist at The Center for Growth. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has 15+ years of experience. She is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In her role as Director of Cultural Diversity, she works closely with clinicians to fine tune their skills in working with clients from diverse backgrounds. She encourages clinicians to be the student when it comes to understanding their clients’ cultural identities and to be aware of their own biases and blindspots. These skills are also reflected in her clinical work with individual clients that struggle with racial identity and racial trauma. She also works with couples experiencing conflict in their relationship due to cultural differences. . She understands that people are not a monolith and that in order to properly help a client, it is important to view them through various dimensions. Whether it be with clients or clinicians, she creates a space that enhances knowledge and understanding of the individual.

Jordon works with individuals, couples, children and families to address issues such as
depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, grief, co-parenting, infidelity and adjustment difficulties
associated with significant life events or transitions.

Jordon double-majored in Psychology and Spanish at Albright College where she received her
Bachelors of Arts. She has a proficiency in Spanish that allows her to support her Spanish
speaking clients who may struggle with translating their thoughts clearly into English.
Additionally, she received her Masters in Community Counseling at Liberty University.
Mental Health and Art

Jordon finds innovative and creative ways to address mental health issues outside of the
therapy office. She recently wrote, produced and directed an independent film called “The
Deepest Cut”. The film highlights a character who has a mental illness. The theatrical
performance took place on March 27, 2021 at Cherry Hill, NJ Loews theater. In her artistic work,
Jordon’s goal is to dismantle negative stigmas about therapy and encourage diverse
communities to be comfortable with seeking therapy to work through their struggles. Her skills
as a director and writer also impact her therapeutic work as she uses narrative techniques to
support individuals in finding the words to describe how they feel.

Jordon’s Clinical Experience


Jordon has sharpened her skills working in various settings. She has provided in-home services
for families in crisis; family planning and general sexual health supports in a women’s health
clinic; and family restructuring therapy with military families preparing for the deployment of a
parent or spouse. As such, she has become extremely adaptive at working with individuals in
“non-traditional” environments or situations. She understands that each family is unique whether
it be the roles that each member plays or the way in which they interact with one another, she
works to understand these dynamics in order to implement the necessary changes to create
positive interactions and build connections.

Additionally, her years of experience working with children of all ages (5-18 years old) has
enabled her to develop a large array of communication strategies that emphasizes non-verbal
approaches. Not only is this a requirement for working with younger, less verbal children, but it
is a powerful skill set when working with individuals or couples who struggle with accessing their
feelings or communicating their needs.

Working with Children in PA and NJ

Jordon has a unique way of connecting with children. In her early years of clinical work in PA
and NJ, she created programs for children that improved their social and interpersonal skills;
learning how to express their emotions and strengthening their self esteem. She has a strong
knowledge in child development which allows her to use age appropriate interventions while
working with adolescents. She understands the importance of social influences and how at
times it can be difficult for their caregivers to relate to them. This can create a barrier between
adults and children when it is crucial for them to connect with them in order to help them through
these critical years.

You can find comfort in knowing that she encourages the parents to be involved in their child’s
therapy. She understands that allowing the child agency in their therapeutic journey is important
but by incorporating caregivers in the process, it gives them the opportunity to take the skills
they learned from within the session to the outside.

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When working with smaller children, her creative approach comes into effect. Using components
of narrative and play therapy gives the child a fun therapeutic way to learn new skills that can
help reduce any behavioral and emotional concerns.

Jordon’s Approach to Family Therapy in PA and NJ

Prior to joining the Center for Growth, Jordon worked with families in a variety of capacities,
including case management, home based interventions, and clinical therapy. Her driving
passion is to help individuals grow and be empowered by utilizing the most effective and
long-lasting approach: supporting the “family” system.

Jordon has a passion to work on clinical issues that are experienced in diverse communities.
Learning very early on in her mental health career that people do not live in a vacuum and that
whoever they identify as their family or significant long-term relationship, can limit their growth.
She has dedicated her career in finding as many strategies to enhance the health of these
family systems by helping individuals access additional resources, improve communication and
conflict management, and augment relationship expectations or dynamics. Her goal is to help
people break free from harmful, generational legacies and to maximize their current strengths.
Being trained and certified in Ecosystemic Family Structural Therapy provided the framework
that helps her navigate family sessions. In her work with families, she focuses on 4 pillars which
include; attachment, executive functioning, emotion regulation and co-parenting alliance.
Attachment helps to rebuild the connection; executive functioning creates a strong foundation
for how the system will be conducted within the family; emotional regulation teaches each
member how to effectively express their emotions without adding to the unhealthy interactional
pattern and coparenting alliance, gives parents the tools needed to navigate conversations that
are essential for the family to function.

By identifying which area the family may struggle with, allows her to have a framework of what
to work on in order to help improve family dynamics. She believes that families can heal through
their relations with one another. She works hard to repair and rebuild the connection with each
member of the family.

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Healing through relationships

Jordon works well with those that are in high conflict relationships, whether it be with a romantic
partner or a family member. She creates a roadmap of the negative interactional pattern and
works with each individual to create a healthier way of communicating.

When individuals decide to join as a couple, they quickly discover that the journey can be a
joyous experience, but it can also come with hardships. She understands that at times,
individuals may have a difficult time understanding their partner’s needs and also
communicating their own. This can lead to conflict within the relationship all because intentions
are lost in translation. She works hard with the couple to create a language that increases
empathy and strengthens the connection within the relationship.

When individuals react to certain triggers that are conscious or subconscious, it is important to
help them recognize those triggers and how their response creates discourse within the
relationship. Learning effective de-escalation tools can help the couple to find ways to slow
down before reacting impulsively and to find better ways to get their message across.
In situations where there is infidelity, she understands that the couple is in a delicate state.
Finding ways to understand the factors that contributed to the affair and also creating a space to
rebuild trust and connection is essential in allowing the couple to heal from the breach of trust.
Whether the couple decides to stay together or go their separate ways, she helps them figure
out a path to reduce any harm in their interactions.

Sex Therapy in PA and NJ

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Jordon uses a cultural-systemic approach in helping to understand sexual concerns. She
understands that there are many factors that impact our sexuality. These factors can include but
are not limited to; gender roles, religion, shame, body image and societal pressures. She works
closely to discover what sexual messages contribute to your sexual identity and expression.
Utilizing sexual genograms and examining how our environments contribute to sexual schemas,
is a key component in dismantling any negative thoughts that affect intimacy.

Through sensate focus exercises, she helps individuals become more aware of their bodies so
that they can reduce their anxiety associated with sexual intimacy. She incorporates
interventions that allows the individuals to improve their sexual communication with their
partners. Her goal is to work with each individual or couple to unlock any barriers that get in the
way of their sexual freedom and expression.

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