5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (2023)

The fact is, any talk of a good gaming chair should include highly adjustable armrests that can support our upper limbs well in a variety of different positions. For gamers, robust armrests are especially important as our hands are working overtime to fend off enemy zombies from all corners.

In this guide, I’ll share my favorite adjustable armrest gaming chairs on the market that do a stellar job of supporting the arms. But first thing’s first.

What to Look for in Adjustable Armrests on a Gaming Chair

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Almost all gaming chairs come with armrests that are at least height adjustable. Beyond this basic adjustment however are more premium features to be had. In order of importance, the following are the top 4 features to look for in adjustable armrests.

Width Adjustable Armrests

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Arguably the most important feature on your shopping list should be width adjustable armrests. This means the ability to bring the armrests closer or farther away from you laterally.

When you think about it, everyone’s shoulder width is different; the same goes for the distance between the armrests on different gaming chairs. There is nothing worse than armrests that force your elbows into an awkward position to be able to fully rest on them because they are either too close or far apart. Width adjustable armrests takes care of this potentially very uncomfortable problem.

Length Adjustable Armrests

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This refers to armrests that slide forward and back to maximize coverage of your forearms in different sitting postures.

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Many people when they fully lean back or sit close to the edge of the seat discover that the default position of the armrests on their chairs no longer provide ample coverage. This is where length adjustable armrests can be very handy.

Pivot/ Angle Adjustable Armrests

Lower on the priority list but nonetheless still helpful are armrests that can pivot in and out. If you frequently text on your phone or type on a non full size keyboard where your wrists are close together, armrests that pivot inwards can provide better coverage for your forearms in this position.

Lock in Place

Last but certainly not least, the ideal adjustable armrests should allow you to lock in any changes you make to the armrests, whether it’s width, length or angle. To me there is nothing more annoying than armrests that easily fall out of position after a gentle bump or tug.

Lock-in-place is a feature usually found only on very high end gaming chairs.

6 Best Adjustable Armrest Gaming Chairs at a Glance

Secretlab Titan Evoxxxx
DXRacer AIRxxxx
AKRacing Masters Premiumxxx
GTRACING Big and Tallxxxx*
DXRacer K Seriesx x x x*

x* Only lockable in certain positions.

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (5)

1. Secretlab Titan Evo

Arguably the best gaming chair on the market also happens to have the best armrests. I’m talking about the Secretlab Titan series, whose armrests are bar none the most adjustable and comfortable ones you’ll find on a gaming chair.

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To start, the Titan’s armrests are ultra premium with a rubber surface that feels just right against the elbows. On the new Titan Evo series, they are also swappable, meaning you can actually replace them with a new set of arm pads down the road should they start to wear. Since they are attached via magnets, swapping them out is effortless.

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (6)

The armrests are full 4D (height, length, width and angle adjustable), but that only tells half the story. There’s a good deal of travel in both the length and width directions, and any new position is automatically locked into place to prevent accidental movements.

In other words, these armrests are as good as it gets in my opinion.

2. DXRacer AIR

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (7)

The DXRacer AIR is the world’s first true all-mesh gaming chair, blending the aesthetics of a high performance race car seat with an breathable mesh upholstery. The adjustable armrests on the AIR come in at a close second in terms of quality after those on the Secretlab Titan.

In our review of the DXRacer AIR, we found plenty to love about the gaming chair. The futuristic design looks very much like it belongs on the deck of the Millennium Falcon. The adjustable headrest and lumbar support are a nice step up from the typical external pillows found on other gaming chairs. And the mesh upholstery? Let’s just say it proved its worth under 40 degree Celsius temperatures while I was testing it in Asia.

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With regards to the adjustable armrests, we’re happy to report that they are also stellar on the DXRacer AIR. Just like on the Secretlab Titan, they are 4D, and can be locked into different positions. In fact, it would seem DXRacer basically copied the design of the Secretlab’s armrests here. And that’s a good thing for the consumer.

3. AKRacing Masters Premium

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (9)

The AKRacing Masters series is AKRacing’s top end lineup of chairs. When it comes to build quality and overall comfort, the company is one of the most consistent we’ve come across. All of their chairs are designed and manufactored in house (not outsourced).

Compared to the AKRacing Core SX that we reviewed last year, the Masters Masters Premium model comes with a more robust multi-tilting mechanism, thicker cushions, and yes, robust 4D armrests. The seat uses 4.25” thick cold cured foam inside that ensures it won’t sag even under heavy use, unlike gaming chairs with cheaper memory foam.

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (10)

The armrests on the Master Premium are almost as large as those found on the Secretlab Titan. They are also equally well padded, cushioning your elbows well. They move in all directions – left/right, back/forward, and closer/farther away. The main caveat is that there are no controls to lock their new positions into place.

4. GTRACING Big and Tall

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (11)

GTracing is best known for its popular budget gaming chair called the GT099. That doesn’t mean the company isn’t capable of producing something higher quality however. Meet the GTRacing Big and Tall, a true mid-range gaming chair with excellent build quality, comfort, and 4D adjustable armrests relative to its price.

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First thing you’ll notice when you sit in this model is that there are no annoying creaking noises. The metal base and excellent fitting all contribute to a sturdy, noise free sitting experience.

Unlike on the cheaper GT099 model, the foam padding on the Big and Tall edition is much denser and thicker. This should add at least 3-4 years to the longevity of the seat. The company advertises the chair as suitable for people up to 400 lbs.

One of the things I love about GTRacing chairs is how far back you can recline the backrest on all of their models. This is true once again in the Big and Tall model, where the recline mechanism lets you recline back all the way to 170 degrees for a near-sleeping experience.

Let’s talk about the armrests on the GTRacing Big and Tall now. The most robust yet on all GTRacing models, they are 4D, relatively comfortable, and can partially lock into place with some adjustments.

5. DXRacer K Series

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (12)

Finally, there’s the DXRacer K Series, another high end gaming chair with very robust adjustable arms. What’s unique about the K Series is that it’s modular as well, allowing you to swap out or add components to the chair as needed.

As a modular chair, there are a few accessories that can be added to the chair. This includes a footrest, cup holder, and a multifunctional bracket strong enough to support a laptop. The default seat cushion can also be removed and replaced with a new one when needed.

5 Gaming Chairs with the Most Adjustable Armrests on the Market (13)
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As a high end gaming chair, you can also expect a highly adjustable set of armrests. They are naturally 4D, and support locking in some positions (but not all).


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