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The need for various modes of entertainment is equally proportional to the amount and complexity of work. In the 21st century, the complexity of work has given rise to several forms of entertainment and things to do with your loved ones, simultaneously saving time.

Games to play over text are one of the most common examples. Today there are ample amounts of fun texting games. This form of a fun game is relatively common, as nearly 2.52 billion people use text messaging apps on mobile phones. In this listing, you will explore the best games to play over text. Here is my other guide on websites to cure boredom.

There are numerous fantastic games to play over text, and this article will help you find the greatest ones. If you want to launch your own app you can hire a mobile game development company.

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30 Games to Play Over Text

30 Texting Games - Best Games to Play Over Text (2023) (2)
There are various fun texting games available. But the list of best texting games is given below. You might be interested to know about top game development companies.

1. 20 Questions: Fun Texting Game

The purpose of the game is to guess what one person is thinking. It could be a location, an object, or a person. The people or person assuming got to ask 20 “Yes or No” questions to figure out what it is. The objective is to guess the object in 20 questions or less.

2. Kiss, Marry, Kill: Games to Play Over Text

Give a fresh take on this old and entertaining school game. To play Kiss, Marry, Kill, you will choose three persons (they may be anyone from mutual acquaintances to A-List celebs), and your friend will choose which one to kiss, which to marry, and which to kill.

3. Emoji Translation

This game is ideal if everyone has access to an emoji keyboard. It’s pretty straightforward. You’ll send one emoji or a series of emoji’s, and the other player(s) will have to figure out what they imply. You may do it with movies, songs, literature, or any other thought that comes to mind.

4. Friendship Tag

This game to play over text is a fun way to find out how well you and your friends know one another! Ask your friends or family questions about yourself or your relationship to determine how well they know you.

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5. Would You Rather?

This game is often called “either-or” or “this or that.” The idea is that you must choose between two complex options. For example, “Would you prefer being trapped in a cage with a lion or lost in the ocean?”

6. Trivia

The beautiful thing about trivia is that you can play it anywhere—even on your phone! To begin, you and your friend should choose a category that is recognizable to you. Then, from that category, ask each other different questions. Each accurate answer is worth one point, and the first person to accumulate ten points wins!

7. Unpopular Opinions

You and your friends will post your unpleasant thoughts in this texting game. Celebrities, restaurants, and grocery stores are all possible themes.

8. Most Like To

This texting game can be played by a single person or in a large group chat. Pose a likely to query. If you’re playing in a group, everyone will name the person to whom the question applies. If just two people are playing, they will choose the person to whom the question is most likely to use.

9. Never have I Ever

This game to play over text, which one can also play over a video conversation, is a fantastic way to meet new people and know more about your friends. Never have I ever is typically played with alcohol, but you may always use an alternative punishment, such as a point deduction or posting an embarrassing photo on social media—the choice is yours! The game’s rules are as follows:

  • A deed that begins with “Never have I” is read aloud.
  • If you have committed the crime, you take a sip from your drink or the imposed punishment.
  • No lying!

10. Guess the Riddle

Riddles are usually entertaining and mentally stimulating. The rules of this texting game are straightforward. Solicit a mystery from a buddy. Set the number of attempts required for them to get the correct answer. Pro Tip: Avoid overcomplicated puzzles because they are challenging to solve and can take the fun out of the game. Here you can find list of best mobile games in the world.


Texting Games to Play with Friends

30 Texting Games - Best Games to Play Over Text (2023) (3)

11. Name Game – Funny Texting Games

This game to play over text is one of the most entertaining ways to kill time. Choose a topic with your pals, such as celebrities or zoo animals. The first player will pronounce a word from the designated category. The second player then states a word or a name that begins with the first player’s last letter.

12. Word Unscramble

This game is very similar to scrabble. So one person transmits a word, and the other player(s) must make up different words using the letters from the first one. Whoever comes up with the most terms wins.

13. Questions Only

This interesting game to play over text is a fun way to spend time with your pals. The only thing the players can do is ask each other questions! When asked a question, you can only respond with another question; you cannot repeat a previously posed question. If someone takes too long to respond, that person gets eliminated.

14. Finish My Sentence

In this game, the first player begins a sentence, and the following player must finish it. These sentences might vary in length. You can make it dirty, humorous, educated, or whatever else you desire. “We finish each other…Sandwiches?” says Elsa in Frozen.

15. Gun to Your Head

In this entertaining text messaging game, you can ask your friends what they might do if someone aimed pistols at their heads. For example “Gun to your head, which bank would you rob?” The rules state that you cannot attack your opponent and must respond to the question.

16. Take a Trip

To begin, write a statement and fill in the blanks with something that begins with the letter of the alphabet you are on. It starts with A and continues to Z. “I’m heading to ___ and taking ____,” the phrase says. Fill in the blanks with something that begins with the letter A, B, C, and so on. This game is excellent to play while traveling & texting. Here is a detailed guide on great mobile game ideas.

17. Name the Tune

This game is straightforward. You will text a song lyric to your buddies, and whoever correctly guesses the tune first wins. If no one understands the song after your first lyric, you will continue to send them song lyrics until they do. You win if you get to the end of the music and no one has guessed.

18. Abbreviations

You must first choose a category for this game, such as flowers or board games. Then someone will provide an abbreviation for something in that category, and the rest of the players must guess what it means. The person who makes the closest guesses wins!

19. What Would You Do?

This is an amusing texting game for all brilliant storytellers with various scenarios and questions. Create a hypothetical scenario and present it to a friend. Inquire about what they would do to get out of the predicament or how they would adjust.

20. Fantasy Team

Have you considered who would be on your squad amidst a zombie apocalypse? Or your very own boy band? You and a friend will assemble your battle team in this texting game. Choose a chore or a scenario and determine the number of persons in each team. Take turns selecting people until you reach the target amount (make sure there is no repetition). The one with the most potent team wins!

Funny Games to Play Over Text

30 Texting Games - Best Games to Play Over Text (2023) (4)

21. Tell the Truth

This game is similar to truth or dare but without the dare. You must first decide on a punishment. This punishment might range from publishing a humiliating photo to entering a celebrity’s DM. So you’ll ask a gamer a personal question, and if they refuse to answer, that person will be punished.

22. Text Strip Trivia: Couples Texting Games

This game is played similarly to trivia, but the twist is an item of clothes is supposed to be removed with each wrong answer. This game works best on video chat systems like Snapchat. It’s also an excellent way for those in long-distance relationships to spice up their lives.

23. Ghost

This texting game aims to add letters to a word without completing it. Rules can be set, such as the category of words or the length of a comment. Then, until the dish is complete, each player adds a letter. The person who finishes the term receives a letter from GHOST—so “G” the first time, “H” the second time, and so on. The first player to receive all the letters needed to spell the word GHOST loses. This game is a lot of fun to play with a group.

24. Hangman

Although you don’t see the man hanging, you can still play this classic text-based game. Begin by sending your friend a string of underscores, one for each letter in your word. Your friend should respond with the letter they believe is in it, and you will either return the underscores with the proper note filled in or the number of incorrect replies they have left. In a conventional Hangman game, you receive six false answers before the game is ended.

25. Guess the Movie

There are two methods to play this game, and they are as follows:

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  • The first method is to share a gif or snapshot from the film you want to show. The other players must then guess the movie title from which the image or gif is taken.
  • The second game is to submit a sentence from a movie and have them guess which movie it comes from. The first person to correctly answer 20 questions wins!

26. Make It Rhyme

To begin, one participant enters a word or phrase, and the other person must react with a word or phrase that rhymes with the previous text. You’ll go back and forth until one of you can’t think of a rhyming response.

27. Where’s Your Location?

To play this texting game, look at yourself and identify what makes it distinctive (like a cupboard, a sweater, or a car). Your friend makes an educated guess about where you could be based on your indications. You can be as general or as particular as you like. This game is similar to iSpy. However, you describe a location instead of an object.

28. The Laughing Game

In this game, the individual answering the question could only react with pre-selected responses. At the start of the game, all the players will select words that would serve as replies (like bees, flowers, owls, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg). Then you’ll ask each other questions; your answers can only be the words you’ve picked.

29. Story Time

This game is a terrific phone game for writers to play. In this game, you will write a story one sentence at a time. One of the players will begin by sending a punishment. The following sentence will then continue the story. The game will continue until the participants stop or the plot reaches a reasonable conclusion. This game is also known as “Story Builder.”

30. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is also called the Six Degrees of Separation. Players must choose a random actor or actress to play this fun game. Then, connect them with movies where both actors have appeared. To ultimately find the shortest path to the renowned actor Kevin Bacon. It is based on the notion that anyone participating in the Hollywood film business may be related to Bacon through their film roles in six steps.

What are Texting Games?

30 Texting Games - Best Games to Play Over Text (2023) (5)
It is no longer the era when fun games were limited to outdoor, computer, and mobile applications. Today you can also play a typing game that one can play on text messages. These games, which one can play on text, are called texting games. You might be interested to know how to make a mobile game.

How to Play Texting Games?

30 Texting Games - Best Games to Play Over Text (2023) (6)
You don’t need to download any unique apps to play games with your buddies in the twenty-first century. Text-based games may be hours of fun in and of themselves, and all you need is SMS text messaging or a chat program like WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. But while playing these text messaging games, do keep the following related factors in mind.

  • Refrain from giving the wrong answers
  • Set a simple quiz
  • Base the game on a particular situation
  • Choose the appropriate punishment
  • Play cheerfully with your loved ones
  • The game should not be time consuming
  • Keep the games bound to mobile phones

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Here are some of the best games to play over text to play, whether you’re bored, want to kill some time, or want to spend time with your long-distance relationship partner. Whatever the reason, these games will keep you entertained for several hours, and such fun texting games can give you quality time and make your text messaging spicier.


1. What Games Can You Play in Text?

There are several texting games, such as Make it rhyme, Storytime, Text strip trivia, Name the tune, Ghost, and many more.

2. How do You Win a Texting Game?

To win texting games, keep the following in mind.

  • Give the right answer
  • Do not waste time
  • Play cheerfully
  • Have a simple game

3. How do I Play Flirty Games Over Text?

Keep the following in mind to play flirty games.

  • Make the first move
  • Have a friendly smile
  • Always have a captivating text message
  • Do not waste time
  • Give the right answers

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